Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Morphing fake to real ...

We have been very busy making an animation as we learn the difference between fake and real. We really enjoyed sharing them with each other and have published them on our own blogs for others to see. Please go into our blogs on the side to see our creations. Mr A was really proud of our efforts, what do you think?

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Daily Quizizz - Have a go.

                                     NZ General Knowledge Quiz

Into week 2 and one of the most popular parts of our day seems to be the daily Quizizz Challenge.  The first one was an Anzac Quizz.  Parent's and students are welcome and it seems like  there are a few having multiple attempts at being top dog.  Come online and have a go.  At the time of writing this blog it seems like 'Jacks Mum' is in the lead of the Anzac Quiz.   Have a look at the links above to join us.  This is a challenge to the other classes.


Thursday, 16 April 2020

New Learning.

Has been a wild ride over the last few weeks.   The 'official holidays'  ended and as of Wednesday the 15th we were into Term 2.  The holidays saw us doing a little 'Online Learning,'  (O.L), here and there just to whet our appetite, but the real stuff starts now.
Our Learning Site is the first port of call for our students and it is a wonderful idea for parents to go in and have a look around.   The first page is the hub for Kereru.  It has the blackboard at the top which acts as a quick reminder of whats up for the day.  There is also a calendar below that displays meetings and important events,  and a set of links to the learning areas.

Children should be doing a Google Hangout at least once every two or three school days.  It is understandable that things happen and that they may miss out.  In that case there are recordings of the Hangouts in the Media section of our Learning Site, and I will endeavor to catch up with them. Students should be able to self manage, (with your help),  in areas such as Reading,  writing and maths, and during the Hangouts I will be checking on all areas with the kids.

Although we are a school that uses many valuable resources online and we are connected and used to O.L. things will change and get easier.  Don't be afraid to send an email or ask questions.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Science Roadshow.

On Monday we all jumped on a bus and went to visit the Science Roadshow at Hokitika Primary School.  It was a wonderful experience with a show at the start and end of the visit and workstations in between where you could experience all sorts of scientific tasks and challenges.
One of the best workstations was the Wind Force workstation that looked at the force of the wind and friction.
The Boys seemed to really love the augers and conveyer belts where you had to get stainless steel ball bearings around the circuit.

Each workstation really made us think.  The Earthquake simulation showed us how buildings could be built to better handle earthquakes.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Facts about the Coast to Coast

We have been discussing the difference between a fact and an opinion. We looked into the Coast to Coast Website and each of us found a fact and we made a slide to illustrate it. We hope you learn some new facts about this amazing South Island event.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Bits and Pieces.

Getting into the Learn, Create, Share aspect of our work in our class and we have been looking at creating posters for our Kawa of Care principles.   We integrated our work with a bit of technology and looked at what we call a Design Process.   A Design Process, (DP), is a set of steps that help us to make sure we are creating 'Quality Projects.'   
For step one,  our 'Identified Need or Opportunity'. We wanted to take a very boring list of Kawa of Care bullet points and create interesting and professional looking posters.
We learnt that a Brief is like a list of what we wanted to achieve in our posters.  We wanted them to be bright and interesting and look professional.  We also wanted them to have the correct spelling and have some kind of hook to draw in peoples attention.   After we had finished our designs we went back to our brief to make sure we had achieved what we wanted to. (Evaluation).  We hope to get good at using a design process to create all of our work.  What do you think?