Thursday, 15 April 2021

Remembering the Anzacs.

 As term 1 draws to a close Kererū has been looking at and studying the Anzac campaign at Gallipoli.  This was the most awesome unit of work to do and one that has really made the children recognise what Anzac day is all about.   This is a difficult concept for children of any age, especially with the Gallipoli landings taking place over a hundred years ago.

The discussions and short children friendly clips we watched explained the Anzac campaign in very easy language.   I was so pleased with the respectful and responsible way that the year 5s and 6s have totally engaged in this project.  The students learnt about the horrific conditions and a little about New Zealand's effort with the Australians.  We then got into writing mode and put ourselves in the position of an Anzac soldier or nurse and wrote a letter home to family.   The hundreds of lines that are now up on our wall are a true testament to the students understanding.   Try asking them a question about Anzac day now and let us know how it goes.

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Kererū 2021 Hits the Ground Running.

 It has been a busy start to our year and even in 11 days we seem to have accomplished so much.  

I always think that there is so much responsibility for our year 5s and 6s to think about.  Sports and P.E. Council, Senior Student Council,  Gate Duty,  Peer Mediators, Librarians just to name a few.  I am really impressed with how this class has jelled together so well.  We have people away for appointments and arranged days off and our wonderful group of students are covering for each other and offering to do duties without anyone having to remind them.  This really is a sign of maturity.

Our writing is off with a hiss and a roar with our Learn, Create, Share philosophy really being tested with our task of creating Ebooks.  We are getting inspiration from the Pobble365 site and creating our stories first.  We are then being reminded this week that when we finish a story that is not the end of the writing process.  We are practicing 'Recrafting.'    Recrafting is going back through our stories and improving them, and being more descriptive in order to paint pictures in peoples minds to make the stories better.

When we are finished the stories we will turn them into ebooks that can be shared.  We will evaluate our efforts hopefully after that.

Looking forward to starting our Rocket Challenge soon and our 1,2,3 Tech Challenge.  Ask your kids what these are.

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Rocket Lab, We know how you feel.

 Our Rocket Challenge has grown into a total class focus that we can't seem to shake.   Having Belinda's bottle go almost 800mts,  (its like a fishing story,  the distance grows every day),  over Mr Martin's fence and into his tree was fantastic.  Thank you also to Mr M for getting his ladder out too.   

We decided to attach a tiny camera onto the side of the Rocket and launch it again.   First Launch,  not great,  the angle of our launcher was too low.  The second launch was much better,  almost straight up.  BUT,  it did a 180 turn and headed up into the tailings behind school.   Mr A went for a walk after school from both all angles and found the bush was too thick to access.  We thought our rocket might be lost forever. 

Mrs King knew a wonderful man by the name of Mr Hustwick who had an amazing Drone.  He send that up and took high definition video of the area our rocket went into.   We spend the next hour spotting bears, bodies,  yetis and cranes in the high definition videos.   See if you can spot any of those, or our bottle.  Good Luck

Thursday, 27 August 2020

 Our Rocket Challenge still has time to go but Wednesday the 26th is the day we achieved one of our Goals.  We Blasted a rocket across the school grounds and out of the School Property.  Belinda was the successful engineer who achieved our biggest goal yet.  We had managed to cross the netball court,   cross our classroom,  cross the school field and finally cross into a neighbouring property.  Check out our video.

Because we still have time to go, we will get a group of our best engineers together to spend a bit of time looking at our designs and talking with some experts. We know that we had to add weight to our rockets nose and that we have to consider how much water to add. Our water to weight ratio seems to have an affect on how far our rockets travel. The more water we add the heavier our rockets are. We are also considering takeoff angle and pressure as well. It seems our Laucher has a pressure release valve on it that lets pressure out at 120psi. 

  Next Steps. 
Safety - Have our safety officer make sure that our area is safe and that all observers are back at a safe distance. 
Launch Control - We want to make maximum use of the pressure we have. We want to launch just before reaching 120psi. 
 Payload Specialist - We want to do further testing on how much water is the perfect amount.
 Communications Specialist - We have located a very very small camera that we will fit to our rocket to video it's path. Fitting this so it safely makes the complete flight without being damaged will be important.

Learn, Create Share, Share more.

It is clearly evident that in my first year at Kaniere School I am loving the Learn, Create and Share philosophy. It is also clear that I haven't quite got the "Share" part right yet. I need to do this more. So here goes. 
 Our Egg Challenge last week got us thinking that we need to go above and beyond all the other classes. Kererū is no ordinary class, we are the best and we need to think like that. The challenge was to see how high you could bounce an egg. We did the research and put our egg in the bath of vinegar for a week and did what everyone else was doing. Then some bright spark said, "what is a real egg?" I could see how our focus on Critical Thinking was turning us into creative thinkers. The idea being that was a 'Rubber Egg' a real egg? Was an easter egg a real egg? We decided that a rubber egg was a real egg as it was real, it was just rubber egg real.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

What we do in a normal week in Kererū.

It was timely to stop at week 3 and look at all we do in a week in our class.  
Our West-A-Math team have been working hard to improve for Wednesday's competition in Westport. 
We have been practicing hard for the Rip Rugby with Helen on a Tuesday, and our big topic focus for energy at the moment is our Rocket Challenge.
Schools all over NZ all take part in the 'Rocket challenge' that sees us trying to launch a rocket higher and further than anyone else using just water and pressure.   
 We got our engineering experts on the case and decided that we had some "pressure leaks"  in our launch machine, that had to be remedied before we went any further.  After that we were dying to try to launch even the simplest bottle.  This was fun but far from perfect as they spun out and went all over the place.  The focus then was on how to improve them.  Simple nose cones and fins had some success but then we had to consider weight and the amount of water in our rockets and what the effect was on how far they travel.  Our biggest taste of success was Tuesday when we concentrated on weight on the front of Liam Cuff's Rocket.  We launched it and it took off hitting and denting the door of the Bike shed.   (Well thats our story).  Stay turned for an update on our goal to win New Zealand's Rocket Challenge.   

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Morphing fake to real ...

We have been very busy making an animation as we learn the difference between fake and real. We really enjoyed sharing them with each other and have published them on our own blogs for others to see. Please go into our blogs on the side to see our creations. Mr A was really proud of our efforts, what do you think?